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Why a Software Demo Script is Needed

Many people ask "Why should I use a demonstration script?" or "What are the benefits of using a presentation script?". Why a software demonstration is needed can vary significantly based on what your organization's requirements are, but here is a list of what you do NOT want to do:
  • You do NOT want to watch a parade of software features (bells and whistles) be shown to you. A list of features was already obtained by the RFP or Requirements Checklist.
  • You do NOT want to hear or see why the presenter thinks something complies with "best practices" or is "state of the art", or other nebulous claims. Having all your staff devote valuable time attending a software presentation has a sizable cost, and you need good, actionable, and factual information.
  • You do NOT want the demonstration to become an unorganized show and tell session, with ad-hoc questions being thrown left and right. Demonstrations like that are very difficult to evaluate and compare.
The purpose of a software demo (presentation) is to see how a vendor's proposed software solution can improve your company's productivity by:
  • Eliminating information bottlenecks
  • Removing obstacles in the way of more efficient transaction processing
  • Making information more accessible or available in a more timely manner.

But to do that you must first know what and where the problems are in your current system! It is only after the current problems have been identified that true solutions can be devised for each, as needed to meet your organization's requirements. Developing these solutions should be done by you, since you understand your operations better than anyone else, and without pressure or influence by any vendor. It is very expensive to ask the vendor do this type of consulting, then develop these solutions, assuming the vendor has the staff and expertise.

Once the best solutions have been developed then all appropriate staff should sign off on them as being sufficient to resolve the identified problem(s).

The next step is to create a scenario that describes the environment that causes each problem, and then goes on to describe your newly created solution. Each scenario should be placed in the demo script for vendors to follow when showing HOW their proposed software enables your solution to be implemented.

You want to AVOID answers like this - "Yes, we can do that using a script, but I cannot show it right now because we do not have the script ready yet". You can avoid that, and have a much more productive demonstration, by giving the vendors detailed scenarios ( and the demo data) with which to prepare a demo tailored to your needs.

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