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Experts in Software Requirements Identification Since 1981

Infotivity's comprehensive expertise in identifying, collecting and documenting software requirements dates back to the early 1980's when we were the designers and developers of large custom accounting and business management software systems in the distribution, manufacturing, healthcare, human resources, and banking industries. As a result of these large projects we have extensive hands-on experience in conducting user surveys, identifying, collecting, and prioritizing requirements, and documenting business processes, all at the detail level.

Integrated Software Publishers

In 1983 we released the first fully Netware aware integrated accounting software, the Automated Transaction Processing (ATP) System, which targeted larger (Fortune 10,000) business division level needs. The ATP System brought in many new clients as Novell local area networking quickly became popular. Typical customers of that era were US Steel, Koppers, Westinghouse Electric, and Pittsburgh National Bank. Government clients included National Academy of Sciences (NAS), the Department of Defense (DoD), and the U.S. Navy. Infotivity also started to develop many vertical and specialty markets during this time, ranging from process manufacturing and distribution market specialties to healthcare verticals.

Software Requirements Database

In the mid 1980s, as part of our ATP software consultant and reseller support programs, we began publishing a database of business software requirements which became known as the Automated Product Evaluation System (APES). APES catalogued and presented thousands of requirements criteria, all sorted by business process, to assist consulting firms with the tasks of user needs assessment, software selection, and system configuration efforts. The database provided requirements criteria for multi-company GL, FA, Cash Management, Budgeting, Costing, AR, AP, Requisitioning, Purchasing, Inventory, T&A, Contact Management, Quote Processing, Sales Order Entry, Billing, Non-Profit/Encumbrance Accounting, MRP/MRPII, Production Scheduling, Shop Floor Control, Personnel (now Human Resources) and many other categories, all cross-references and available for many vertical markets. Typical accounting/consulting partners of the time were Arthur Andersen Consulting, Arthur Young, and Touche Ross.

RFP Template Publishers Since 1989

Infotivity began publishing RFP Templates in 1989, making it the original publisher of integrated software oriented Request for Proposal (RFP) creation and vendor proposal evaluation and selection tools. Infotivity launched in 1995. Infotivity's RFP and software selection products are much more effective than traditional tools since they incorporate expertise taken from both the software vendor and user point of view. In 2016 the Infotivity product family includes well over 100 Ready-to-Use RFP Templates with Response Evaluation Toolkit collections addressing tens of thousands of criteria.   View the RFP Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Page.

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