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   Obtaining accurate acquisition decision-making information from a vendor payroll and HRIS software demonstrationrequires much more than investigating software feature availability.   A comprehensive HR and payroll demonstration script should be used to insure factors such as the following are addressed:

  • the IMPORTANCE of HR and payroll feature relative to your organization's needs.
  • the RISK incurred by implementing the proposed HR/PR system, for each specific function as required.
  • the ADAPTABILITY of the HR and payroll software to changing business needs, preferably through a demonstration.
  • the PRODUCTIVITY benefits of the proposed human resource information software.
   Ideally, the demonstration script should require a vendor to show how the proposed HR and payroll software will increase PRODUCTIVITY in some visual, measurable way.

   Infotivity HR and payroll software demonstration (demo) scripts save significant time and money by ensuring each HR demo is completed following the same format, forcing all software weaknesses to the surface.  Each demonstration is graded using consistent criteria, enabling truly quantitative comparisons.  Infotivity ERP Demonstration Scripts enable each member of your acquisition team to accurately assess and record in real-time how well the payroll and HRIS software being demonstrated meets their needs for Functionality, Productivity, Adaptability, and Risk.  A Weighted Grade Score are calculated for each of your priorities.  Actual screen captures are shown below to illustrate how these human resource management demo scripts analyze software demonstrations:

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    SAVE WEEKS, even MONTHS OF TIME by using hundreds of professionally written HR and payroll software demonstration topics. No need to re-invent the wheel. View typical Demo Master Table of Contents.
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    "This IMPORTANCE LEVEL column enables you to designate HOW IMPORTANT an HRIS and payroll feature is to your organization,. View a typical demo script sample here.
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    "APPLES-to-APPLES" COMPARISON of vendor HR and payroll software demonstrations is assured through extensive use of consistent evaluation standards and input validation. View a typical response comparsion sample here.
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    Assess Suitability CONSISTENTLY. Demo Masters enable users to assess level suitability and enter it in real-time during a HRIS and payroll software demonstration.  View sample here.
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    AUTOMATED WEIGHTED GRADE POINT SCORING quantitatively identifies how well SUITED each proposed human resource and payroll software system is to your firm's business and system requirements, in detail or 3-D Bar Chart form. View sample analysis here.
    EASILY CUSTOMIZED to meet your unique payroll and hr system needs, using basic Excel techniques.
    PROVEN MS EXCEL TECHNOLOGY. Everybody already knows Excel. Save time & effort across the board!
    No installation, no learning curve.

See Pricing at Bottom of Page -      30 Day Guarantee!

      A Detailed List of:

Software Demonstration Topics

      Hundreds of pre-defined demonstration topic criteria help ensure each Payroll and HR software demonstration follows the same sequence of tasks, making vendor demos easier to compare. All HR/PR questions have been professionally prepared by application specialists.

      Assess the Inherent Risk

Software Solutions

      Using the Importance Level column is consistent and easily sorted set of labels. Label options are 1 - 10, with 1 being not important at all, or the Mandatory, Planned, Nice to Have, etc. currently shown

      "Apples-to-Apples" Demo Evaluation

Consistent Evaluation Criteria

      Quickly and easily evaluate large-scale payroll and HRIS software system demonstrations feature by feature, at the FUNCTIONALITY, PRODUCTIVITY, ADAPTABILITY, and RISK levels! Ensure unbiased, accurate, and consistent assessment of all demos.

      Enter Human Resource SUITABILITY ASSESSMENTS

Software Solution

      Unlike other HRIS and Payroll demo scripts, a Demo Master enables the user to consistently enter their ASESSMENT of the human resource information software being demonstrated. This function utilizes standard evaluation metrics to cross-reference the complexity of a given task back to a quantitative value level.

      Customizable Weighted Grade Scores.

      Automatically generate a weighted grade point score, based on your actual priorities, that ranks how well suited each HRIS and Payroll demonstrated software system is to your organization's needs. You can view scores in detail as shown below.

HRIS and Payroll Demo Script

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  - Diane H., Natural Cosmetics Mfr.

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